Rubicon Springs, California

Image of UTV on the trail Image of UTV on the trailImage of UTV on the trail

This 3 day adventure starts in Georgetown, California to ultimately travel over the renowned "Crown Jewel" Rubicon Trail on your way to the beautiful Rubicon Springs campground. Along the way you will have access to trail guides that can help assist over the more difficult places should you wish their assistance. The trip also includes a staff of mechanics that are there to help should a vehicle have mechanical problems. The trip will start at the Loon Lake entrance, traversing the Rubicon Trail into Rubicon Springs. The next day the group will run the beautiful and breathtaking Tahoe side of the Rubicon Trail to Sourdough Point for a catered lunch and then back to Rubicon Springs. The trip concludes the last day traversing the Rubicon Trail back out to Loon Lake. The Rubicon Springs campground is where the group will camp every night and enjoy prepared meals and entertainment to round out the fun.